It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you are injured. There are many benefits to doing so.

First, things move very quickly at the beginning of a case. You will likely receive numerous phone calls, e-mails, and forms within the first few days. You should know your rights and be aware of common pitfalls before dealing with an insurance company.

Second, our firm can answer your questions regarding things like medical bills, wage loss benefits, vehicle repairs, rental car coverage, and any other areas of concern related to your case.

Finally, retaining our firm at the outset allows us to conduct a thorough investigation and preserve time-sensitive information such as witness recollections, video recordings as well as photos, and site conditions.

While it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, we are still able to help those who were injured weeks or even months ago.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience and always provide free consultations. 

If you suffered physical injuries that were caused by someone else, you most likely have a case. The value of that case will depend on factors such as the extent of your injuries, how much medical treatment you need, whether you miss work, and how the injuries impact your life. Our firm doesn’t believe in “cookie cutter” valuations. We will take the time to meet with you, discuss all the factors in your case, and create a customized value for you.

Depending on the type of case, we may need the following information:

  1. Date and location of the injury incident;
  2. The name and contact information of the person or entity that caused your injury;
  3. Your health insurance information;
  4. The name of your automobile insurance company and your policy or claim number;
  5. The name of the other driver’s automobile insurance company and his/her policy or claim number;
  6. Photos or video taken at the scene of the injury incident;

We provide free consultations. We take injury cases on a contingency basis. This means, if we obtain compensation on your behalf, our fee is a percentage of that amount and is due at the end of the case. If we do not obtain compensation on your behalf, you do not owe us a fee. There are also situations in which we can compel the other side’s insurance company to pay our fee in addition to the compensation you receive. Our firm also advances costs related to the case such as charges for medical records, police reports, court filing fees, and other case-related expenses.

In the event of an automobile crash, your auto insurance company should pay for at least your first $15,000 of collision-related medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. These medical payments are part of your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. If your medical expenses are more than your PIP coverage, or if your injury was caused by something other than an auto collision, the bills should be directed to your health insurance company. Our firm can help to facilitate the payment of your medical bills if problems arise.

At the end of the case, your auto insurance company and/or health insurance company may seek to be reimbursed out of the settlement monies. Our firm will review these reimbursement requests to ensure that they are legally valid and include only those bills that are related to your case.

In many cases, especially when the facts surrounding the injury are not in dispute, we will be able to reach a settlement with the insurance company without you ever having to file a lawsuit or go to court. In some cases, however, the insurance company disagrees about who is at fault or the amount of compensation you are owed. In those circumstances, filing a lawsuit may be your best option. If that happens, our firm will be there to prepare you and guide you through the process.

Usually, yes.

An insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible on your claim. These gigantic corporations with their friendly jingles and television commercials are businesses with a profit motive. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as you are treated fairly. Our job is to make sure that happens.

Our firm has decades of experience handling injury cases. We understand how insurance companies evaluate them and which facts are most important to maximize compensation. We know how to marshal the evidence on your behalf and present it with clarity as well as conviction. We’re also willing and able to effectively present your case to a jury if the insurance company refuses to pay you fair compensation. Our experience and industry knowledge is something the average person does not possess.  

There are times when someone’s case is simple enough that they probably don’t need a lawyer. If, after speaking with you, we believe you can handle the case yourself, we will tell you. Our firm prides itself on its integrity.